• Coach Wells and Coach Thompson


    Dear Parents,

    We are looking forward to providing your child with an exciting and rewarding physical education program. The PE classes will prove to be an integral phase in their physical and social development. We take pride in our program and are committed to giving the students instruction as much as possible. 


    The aim of the physical education program at Ponder Elementary school is to develop and improve students' personal fitness and motor skills by providing developmentally appropriate activities through purposeful, creative and enjoyable instruction. By incorporating challenging yet achievable tasks, the students will attain a positive attitude to physical activity and movement.  Kindergarten- 2nd grade will focus on locomotor skills to include the following: running, skipping, galloping, jumping, dodging, and fleeing.  We will also be teaching them tag games, how to flee and dodge other students while playing these games. Grades 3-5th grade will be introducing different sports to include the following: football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, badminton, pickleball, track, hockey and baseball/softball/kickball.  Every grade level will go to the track as well. We feel fresh air and vitamin D is what we all need and enjoy being outside. We have a marathon club and we keep a log of every student of how many miles they will run/walk the entire school year. That being said, every child needs a water bottle with their name on it.  They will bring their water bottle to PE class every time. It is very important for your child to drink water throughout the day. Please only use water in the water bottle. Gatorade/ power aide and any other drink are not allowed. At the end of the school year, we have a field day for all of our students, PreK-5th grade.  Field day will be held on the football field from 8:30-2:45. It is a regular school day, they come to school at a regular time and are dismissed at a regular time.  There is a break for lunch for PreK-Kinder from 10:30-12:30 and 1st-5th grade from 11:00-12:30.  More information will be provided about field day the closer the day gets.


    Your child's locomotor movement, manipulative skills, personal behavior and fitness level will be monitored and assessed throughout the school year. The Fitness gram test is for grades 3rd-5th grade. This is adopted by the Texas Department of education and it is required that these students be tested sometime during the school year.  The tests will include the following: weight, height, situps, pushups, mile run, and arm/finger touch behind the back. 


    Every child is expected to participate to the best of their ability each day they attend class. The state law requires that each student in grades Kindergarten-5th grade have 135 hours of PE per week. There are days, however, when illness or injury may inhibit your child's ability to participate. If so, please send a note with your child, with a brief description regarding the nature of the restriction. If the condition restricts acitivity for more than 3 consecutive days, a doctor's note will be required. 


    We are concerned about your child's safety and, for that reason, we ask that they wear athletic or running type shoes. Shoes with heels, boots, or sandals(such as crocs or flip flops) make it difficult for children to participate safely.  We strongly encourage students to wear socks with their shoes and girls that choose to wear dresses or skirts should wear shorts underneath their clothing. 

    If your child has any ongoing health concerns or restrictions that we need to be aware of, please send a detailed note with instructions about their class participation limitations. 

    Should any misbehaviors arise, the following is how they are handled.  If a fight were to break out, an office referral is immediate. 

    1. timeout
    2. If behavior continues, the name in the discipline book and longer timeout
    3. office referral

    The grades are as follows: 

    • E-excellent-no problems ever, treat others with respect, always helping, no timeouts, has a water bottle, has appropriate shoes, participates fully 
    • S-Satisfactory- may have a few problems, sometimes has appropriate shoes, participates more than half the time, sometimes has a water bottle
    • N-Needs improvement- has many problems, doesn't have appropriate shoes, doesn't participate fully in class, does't have a water bottle
    • U-unsatisfactory-Office referrals, fighting in class

    We, Coach Thompson and Coach Wells look forward to an exciting new school year. The classroom teachers will also have schedules posted in their classrooms. A master's schedule will also be posted outside the gym and on the Ponder Elementary website. We thank you for your support, and look forward to working with your child. 



    Coach Thompson

    Coach Wells