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    Ponder ISD is implementing a new Point of Sale system labeled My School Bucks for the Child Nutrition Department.  The new system will offer enhanced reporting and services for Ponder ISD and lower the stakeholder’s transaction fee to $2.75 beginning Wednesday, April 5, 2023.  Directions on how to set up your student’s account and additional pertinent information will be provided at a later date.

    Do not make payments online in the EZ School Pay after Thursday, March 30, 2023 as the EZ School Pay system will be deactivated on Friday, March 31, 2023.  All existing student and employee account balances which are in EZ School Pay as of April 1st will be moved to My School Bucks.

    Please Note:

    • Funds remaining in your student’s meal account at the end of the school year are carried over to the next school year.
    • Should your student’s meal account run out of funds, Ponder ISD allows a negative balance up to 5 meals, or a maximum of $-25.00.
    • The eligibility status of students who qualify for free or reduced meal prices is noted in the system and will continue without disruption.

    If you have any questions, please contact our Child Nutrition Department at 940-479-8308 and we will be glad to assist.                             

                                                   ♥ Feeding kids is a work of HEART 


    We are proud to be “Feeding the Lions” of Ponder! Our goal is to provide great tasting, student pleasing foods that are nutritious and encourage healthy choices for our kids. Our meals and snacks follow the USDA Nutrition Standards for all foods sold.   

    Visitors to the Ponder ISD website will find that menus and information relating to specific campuses are posted on that campus' website.  The Cafe Menu links to the left will take you to each site.

    Ponder ISD offers the online EZSchoolPay service until March 30, 2023, to the parents of PISD students. Parents are always welcome to check the account of their children at any time free of charge – there is no cost whatsoever associated with balance inquiries, viewing transactions history for the past 30 days and getting email alerts on balances. EZSchoolPay service also allows parents to make deposits to their account for a fee. This service is simply offered as a convenience for those parents who find it helpful. As always, Ponder ISD will continue to accept deposits in the form of cash and checks. Payments can also be made at each cafeteria. At the Elementary payments can also be made to the classroom teacher.

    For more information please contact Child Nutrition Director, Jeannie DeLange at 940-479-8308 or by email at jdelange@ponderisd.net.

    Child Nutrition Non Discrimination Notice