• Parents with EZSchoolPay.com accounts will now be able to view transaction details of their child's cafeteria account activity (such as quantity and type of items purchased).  Transaction history will be viewable online for up to 30 days. 
    EZSchoolPay.com does not guarantee or ensure the accuracy or timeliness of transaction data uploaded by the school. Uploaded transactions are simply stored and displayed for the parent's benefit. Many factors can cause this data to be incomplete, including:

    1. Transactions for the current day will appear, in general, at the end of the serving day. This means new transactions are uploaded only after the cafeteria cashier has performed a daily closing (typically mid-to-late afternoon, during the week).

    2. To avoid unnecessary storage, and to give peace-of-mind to parents who choose not to use EZSchoolPay.com at all, transactions are uploaded only for students that are already linked to parent accounts. For first-time users or when new students are linked, transaction history may not begin until the end of the second school day, and will not be retroactive.

    3. Various other factors can cause transactions to be missing from EZSchoolPay.com, even when history for a student is ordinarily uploaded. One of these includes serving date issues, where a school may opt to change their computer clock back one or more days to serve prior transactions. Since only “newer” transactions are uploaded, these and other factors may cause transactions to be skipped (not recognized as “new”) during the upload process.

    4. Parents should always verify their students' current account balance on the Student Information Page, rather than the Transaction List Page. The balance shown in the student information area is usually updated frequently during the day, and it includes an “as-of” time to indicate how current it is. The balance shown in the transaction list is only as current as the most recent transaction shown, which can be hours or days in the past.

    5. Payments made online using EZSchoolPay.com do not immediately appear in the student's online transaction list. Parents can check the approval and status of online transactions using the “On-Line Credits” menu instead (which can also be used for viewing receipts and for determining if the school has received and processed the credit yet). These credits only show up in transaction history after they have been processed and recorded by the school and subsequently included (along with any other offline credits or sales) in the next upload to EZSchoolPay.com.

    6. In some cases, when a student's enrolled or assigned location changes (or when a student is moved to a different school), there may be a one or two day gap in transaction history. This is due to EZSchoolPay.com determining whether or not the student is still linked (or re-linked) to the parent account, before resuming the upload of new transaction history. Transaction history occurring during that migration time, in most cases, will not appear on EZSchoolPay.com. It may also be necessary for a parent to link the student (now enrolled in a different school) to their account before transaction history resumes.
    7. In some rare cases, a specific school or district may experience computer problems or network outages locally, unrelated to EZSchoolPay.com. Depending on the specific issue, and if it's deemed necessary by the school or district to re-enter transactions locally, EZSchoolPay.com may receive these new transactions without any indication that they are duplicates of prior transactions. Since this is informational only, it does not mean students were double-served or charged for additional sales. If in doubt, check the student's running balance on the transaction list, or more importantly, check the data in the local Meal Tracker program for specific details and an updated transaction history report.