Welcome to Coach Wells
     elementary P.E.
    erica and Jode field day 2009
    rhett and gus
         I would like to welcome you to Ponder Elementary Physical Education.  I team teach with another PE teacher named Coach Puckett. We ask that the students wear tennis shoes, this helps protect their feet when we play games or go out to the track. We see every class for thirty minutes everyday and then we switch with the music class. Our focus in Elementary Physical Education is to teach the basic fundamental movement skills, team play, and promote the importance of good sportsmanship.
         In grades 2nd-5th grade, the students can skate.  We require that they wear long socks so the skates will not cut into their skin.  If they do not have long socks then they may not skate. 

         In grades K - 2 we concentrate on spatial and body awareness.  We teach the basic locomotor and nonlocomotor movements.  Our activities are centered around building positive character and promoting good sportsmanship.

         In grades 3rd - 5th we focus on developing and introducing team sport concepts and skills.  The units cover each sport including volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, hockey, soccer, baseball and softball.  During each unit we learn the history of the sport, the rules and regulations, and the skills required to play each sport. 

         The entire Physical Education program provides the opportunity to teach lifetime skills, which can be used to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.