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    One of the ways we are able to buy new PE equipment is through the box tops and Campbell labels.

    We hold contests among the different classes to see which class can bring the most box tops and campbell labels. Our cotest going on now if for the pizza party. Just cut, count, and put them in a ziplock bag with your child's teacher on the bag and turn in to the PE teachers.

    Please turn in your campbell's labels and box tops to us. Count them and put your name on the ziplock bag.

    Here is how it works..

    The Box Tops for Education program allows the PE department to earn cash every time you purchase groceries. Just look for the Boxtops for education logo on many of your favorite products and then clip away. The clip program is three easy steps:

    • Clip Box Tops coupons from the participating products.
    • Send your box tops to school in a zip-lock bag, which should have a boxtop on it, with your child's teacher name on it, to the PE office. If possible count how many are in the bag and put that number on the bag.
    • We send it to the company and then we will get a check for the amount of box tops we sent. Each box tops is worth 10 cents.

    There is a Boxtops App called: Boxtops, they have a promotion going on now if you get 5 boxtops items from walmart and turn it into the app we get 50 boxtops, or you can give me the receipt and I can do it for you. Sams club also has a promotion, buy 5 boxtops items we get 100 boxtops!!

    We are having a pizzza party contest to the class that turns in the most boxtop or coke products. 


    Please put these in zip-lock bag with your child's name and the total number of upc codes from the campbell labels and turn them into the PE coaches.