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    My Coke Rewards for School 
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    As you know, Coca-Cola is refreshing their commitment to supporting education with the new My Coke Rewards for Schools program, which gives schools the things they need to provide students with a well-rounded education. Schools can collect points donated by My Coke Rewards members and redeem them for a variety of rewards including playground equipment, creative supplies, classroom materials and more. Points are earned by entering codes found on packages from any of the twelve participating Coca-Cola products including Coca-Cola®, Sprite®, POWERade®, Dasani®, and Minute Maid®.

    My Coke Rewards for Schools program is easy to donate:

    1) Register to become a member at www.mycokerewards.com
    2) Look for codes on specially marked packages of their favorite Coca-Cola products
    3) Enter codes and collect points at mycokerewards.com, then select your school to donate your points.
    4) Send in your caps and codes found on packages to the school at the end of every month.

    Once the points have been donated, the school redeem them to get the rewards our school needs. Be sure to browse the My Coke Rewards for Schools catalog to view all the rewards our school can earn to help students learn and grow.