• Human Resources

    The human resources department is responsible for overseeing various aspects of the employment of district personnel.  Ponder ISD must comply with various federal and state laws governing the employment of staff members.  Furthermore, as a public school entitiy, the District must ensure that staff members maintain proper certifications, continuing education credits, etc. as required by law.  The human resources department works closely with business services personnel in regards to administering employment benefits.
    Current Openings:
    Includes principal, assistant principal, director, coordinator, program/department administrator and other related positions.
    Includes teacher, counselor, librarian, nurse, diagnostician and other campus and district level professionals.
    Includes campus based support staff, central office support staff, and other such related positions.
    Includes maintenance,custodian, cafeteria monitor, food service specialist, transportation, and other hourly positions.
    Includes all temporary and substitute positions.