Compete against students from other schools through UIL Academics in both invitational meets and the spring district meet.  Each event is coached by teachers at Ponder High School, and you can learn more information about each event from the coach.  Events, coaches and their room numbers are listed below:
    Coach:  Mrs. Hacker           Room:  124
    Focuses on elemetary principles and practices of accounting.
    May include bookkeeping terminology, worksheets with adjustments,
    income statements, balance sheets, trial balances, account classifications,
    journalizing, posting, bank reconciliations, payrolls.
    Calculator Applications
    Coach:   Mrs. Hardin        Room:   JH 807
    Includes calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication,
    division, roots, powers, exponentiation, logarithms, trigonometric functions,
    inverse trig functions, iterative solutions for transcendental equations,
    differential and integral calculus, elementary calculus and matrix algebra.
    Computer Applications
    Coach:   Mrs. Crider            Room:   221
    Focuses on word processing speed and accuracy, computer skills in
    database ans spread sheet, and integration of applications.
    Computer Science
    Coach:   Mrs. Steele            Room:   Computer Lab
    Focuses on computer science programming skills.
    Current Issues and Events
    Coach:   Mr. McNair          Room:   125
    Focuses on basic knowledge of current state, national, and world
    events and issues which have occurred during the current school year.

    Literary Criticism
    Coach:   Mrs. Koleber           Room:   116
    Requires a knowledge of literary history and of critical terms, as well as
    an ability in literary criticism.  Tested over material from a reading list and
    analysis of materials not on the reading list.

    Coach:   Mrs. Bieler          Room:   120
    Tests knowledge and understanding in the areas of Algebra 1 and 2, geometry,
    trigonometry, math analysis, analytic geometry, pre-calculus, and elemetary

    Number Sense
    Coach:   Mrs. Hacker          Room:  126
    Includes mental calculations of concepts from basic mathematics, algebra,
    geometry, trigonometry, analysis, number theory, and calculus.

    Ready Writing
    Coach:   Mrs. Koleber     Room:   116
    Writing of expository composition that explains, proves, or explores one
    of two chosen topics in a balanced way, including argument and evidence.

    Coach:   Ms. Denning               Room:   111
    Designed to test understanding of the basic principles of biology, chemistry,
    and physics.  Also covers the history and methods of science, as well as
    recent scientific developments.

    Social Studies
    Coach Johnson             Room:   224
    Focuses on a specific facet of social studies to be derived from either, history,
    geography, civics, or economics.  Includes reading from selected materials on
    a specific theme.

    Spelling and Vocabulary
    Coach:   Mrs. Reed           Room:   112
    A three-part contest that focuses on proofreading, vocabulary, and words
    written from dictation.

    Coach:   Mr. McNair               Room:   125
    Consists of six public speaking events from three basic skill categories: Debate
    (Cross Examination, Lincoln-Douglas), Interpretation (Prose Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation), and Extemporaneous Speaking (Informative, Persuasive). 

    Coach:   Mrs. Josselet        Room:   Computer Lab
    Consists of four journalism writing contests: feature writing, news writing,
    editorial writing, and headline writing.

    Coach:   Mr. McNair                 Room:   125
    Consists of a one-act play competition including production and
    Please see Mr. McNair (UIL Academic Coordinator) or one of the UIL Academic Coaches for more information about getting involved.