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    Hello Parents:
    Important to know:  All eligibility status from the 2022-23 school year will expire on 9/30/23.   Parents must complete a new application before this date to determine eligiblity for school year 2023-24.   The new application result will be effective immediately when the new application is processed.
    Completing F&R Application:
    Ponder ISD is making the process of applying for the free and reduced school meal program easier than ever by allowing families to complete their application online.  Applying online speeds up the application review process by reducing the amount of time spent on data entry by school district personnel and reducing errors.  All applicants can still choose to complete the free/reduced application either online or on the traditional paper form.  The paper application is available in the school office.
    Things to Know About Applying Online:
    • Only submit one type of application per household. If you complete an application online, do not return the paper form. If you complete the paper form, do not submit an online application.
    • Online applications can be submitted from most Internet enabled devices.
    • Once an online application is started, it must be completed and submitted at that time. Incomplete applications cannot be saved and completed at a later time.

    What Website Do I Use to Complete the Online Application?