2021 Tryout Dates and Information:
    In order to try out for PHS cheerleader or mascot student and parent must attend  MANDATORY meeting on February 17,2021 or February 22 ,2021, in the  HS Cafeteria @ 6:00 pm. Last day to turn in paper work to try-out February 23,2021 3:30 pm.


    Clinic dates:      

    March 1,2021         HS gym, 4-6pm    (Monday)       

    March 2,2021         HS gym, 4-6pm    (Tuesday)                     

    March 3,2021          HS gym,  4-6pm    (Wednesday)

     (Not open to public)


    Mock try-out:

    At end of clinic March 3.


    March 5,2021            HS gym 4pm         (Friday)

    (Not open to public)