• Richard Hooper pictureAfter graduating from Ponder High School in 1989, I attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas.
    In 1993 I completed my undergraduate work and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.
    That same year I began my teaching career in the tiny East Texas town of Goodrich. After just one year at Goodrich ISD I traveled closer to Houston and taught the next three years at New Caney ISD. In 1997 I left New Caney to return to Ponder ISD...this time as a teacher rather than a student.
    Over the years it has been my pleasure to teach hundreds of students in a wide variety of classes including World History, World Geography, US History, Government, Economics, Current Events, Web Design, and Technology Applications.
    After many years of teaching in the classroom I shifted to being a campus technologist helping other teachers effectively utilize technology as a part of their curriculum. This incuded becoming an Intel Teach to the Future master teacher and taking graduate level classes from the Department of Technology and Cognition at the University of North Texas.
    In the summer of 2004 I began my newest role as the Director of Technology for Ponder ISD. Since that time the District has undergone many technology changes including:
    • two major network upgrades that included replacing every hub and switch with updated Cisco managed switches
    • installing wireless access points throughout every campus for data & phone access
    • adding a Cisco firewall with VPN access
    • several large-scale computer workstation upgrades 
    • adding a second computer lab on each campus so that all subject areas can have computer access to supplement their curriculim
    • installing a IP telephony solution to allow telephone access in every classroom and office throughout the District
    • hosting email services locally to provide more services and flexibility
    • implementation of network management, content filtering, spam mail blocking, etc.
    • installation of distance learning labs on each campus for easier access by classroom teachers for virtual field trips and professional development 
    • the addition of a network administrator to oversee the daily operations of the network as well as helping with computer repairs and providing technical assistance to users
    • installation of ceiling mounted data projectors including sound system connected to teacher computer and VCR/DVD player
    • implementation of IP survelliance system
    • deployment of 1:1 iPads and Chromebooks to students across the District