• Chromebook Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to install anti-virus software or patches on my Chromebook?
    • No, just restart the Chromebook whenever it indicates updates are available.

    Can I install any web app or extension I want from the Chrome Web Store?
    • No, currently only apps and extensions that teachers request are permitted to be installed.

    Can I go anywhere on the Internet I want when on my Chromebook?
    • No.  Your Chromebook is intended primarily for educational use. It is filtered all day, every day just as it would be at school.  All activity is logged and available to the school.

    How do you navigate using the touchpad?
    • To move the mouse, use one finger.  Press or tap to click.  Use two fingers to navigate up and down or to navigate left and right.

    Is the Chromebook a touchscreen?
    • Yes.  You can pinch out to zoom in like on most smartphones and tablets.  You can scroll around using your fingers and tap to click on objects instead of using the touchpad.

    How do you “right-click” on a Chromebook?
    • You press the touchpad or touchscreen with two fingers instead of one finger.

    Where do I save the files I create?
    • Your files are automatically saved in the cloud within Google Drive when online.  There is no “Save” button to press.

    Can I create documents when not connected to the Internet?
    • Yes.  Many apps (like Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets) allow you to create new documents without an Internet connection and they will be saved on your Chromebook’s hard drive.  Your files should automatically synch to Google Drive the next time your Chromebook connects to the Internet.

    Can I access my files when not connected to the Internet?
    • Maybe.  Your most recent files are automatically synched between Google Drive and your Chromebook when online.  Newer files are given preference over older files.  So it is likely that your files will automatically be available offline.  However, you can always mark it to be available offline before you leave a Wi-Fi area.  The file will then be downloaded onto your Chromebook.

    If I want to download a file from the Internet and keep it on my Chromebook (like a PDF version of textbook), where do I save it?
    • You will want to save it in the area called “Downloads”.  You can access those files using the web app called “Files” which is already installed on the Chromebook.

    Can I change my Chromebook’s background or theme?
    • Yes.  Currently you are allowed to as long as the image/content is appropriate for school, does not violate the AUP and does not distract from the instructional setting.  Violations may result in disciplinary action.

    Can I make the apps I frequently use appear at the bottom of my screen all the time?
    • Yes.  Two-finger click on the app in your list of web apps and choose “pin to shelf”.

    Can I connect my Chromebook to the Wi-Fi at my home?
    • Yes.  It may automatically pop up asking you to connect to it.  If not, click on the “settings tray” by the clock and you can set up your wireless network connections there.

    If I have a problem with my Chromebook or if it is broken, what should I do?
    • Ask your teacher...they may know a quick fix.  Otherwise take it to the library and the library assistant can help troubleshoot it for you.  If necessary, they can contact the technology department for help.