• Program Details
    Most students in Ponder ISD will receive their own digital device to utilize as part of teaching and learning in the classroom. The device is an instructional tool that allows for critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. The type of device issued varies by grade level.
    • Pre-K
      Share a set of iPads in the classroom
    • K-2nd Grade
      Issued individual iPads
    • 3-5th Grade
      Issued individual Chromebooks
    • 6th-12th Grade
      Issued individual Chromebooks with protective carrying cases and AC chargers. Students take the Chromebook home each night to complete assignments and are responsible for bringing it back to school the next day fully charged. 
    Required Documents and Forms
    The following forms are provided during student registration and are required to be signed and returned prior to a student receiving a device.
    Technology Protection Plan Fee 
    All K-12th grade students are required to pay the $40 annual technology protection plan fee which covers the first repair or replacement of the device each school year if accidentally damaged. Subsequent accidental damages require a payment of $50 per incident. Intentional damage or loss is charged the full cost of the replacement or repair. (Students in Pre-Kindergarten are not issued an individual devices and are not responsible for paying the annual technology protection plan fee.) For cases of financial hardship, please speak to the campus principal regarding the technology protection plan fee.
    Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, Ponder ISD implemented an instructional program which provides students with modern technology on an individual basis. The goal of the program is to create a learning environment that is consistent with advancements in technology and that helps facilitate both a creative and collaborative environment that challenges our students to become critical thinkers and problems solvers in the world in which they live.
    Although the hardware components were first distributed in August of 2015, preparation began several years before with teacher professional development.  Small cadres of instructors were formed each year to study best practices, focus on instructional design and tools, and become comfortable utilizing technology as a tool for teaching and learning. These groups are known as our Future Ready Cadres and still continue to be held today.
    Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, each staff member and student were provided with Google G Suite for Education accounts. This enabled them to work, learn, and collaborate digitally using the online G Suite platform. The goal was to allow them to become familiar with the platform prior to issuing devices.