• Ponder ISD offers the online EZSchoolPay service until March 30, 2023, to the parents of PISD students. Parents are always welcome to check the account of their children at any time free of charge – there is no cost whatsoever associated with balance inquiries, viewing transactions history for the past 30 days and getting email alerts on balances. EZSchoolPay service also allows parents to make deposits to their account for a fee.

    In order to begin using EZSchoolPay service, a parent must complete the following steps:
      • Go to www.ezschoolpay.com and sign up as a parent by clicking on “Register”. (bottom blue box on left)

      • Under Parent Registration enter parent “Email Address” and “Continue”

    • Enter information requested and “Save”
    • Check the email account entered during the parent sign up for an email message from EZSchoolPay. The parent will need to click on the link contained within the email to complete the registration process.
    • Go to www.ezschoolpay.com and sign in.
    • Link the student to the parent account. Note: The parent can get the student ID number from the school.

                     Go to “My Students” and click “+ Link Student”

                    Enter “Student Last Name” and “Student ID Number”

    If you already have an EZSchoolPay account from a previous year, there should not be any change required on your part, unless you need to link your account to a child who wasn’t enrolled at Ponder ISD previously.
    EZSchoolPay.com allows parents FREE of charge:
    • Balance Inquiry - Goto “My Students” and see “Balance”
    • Viewing Transaction History - It's a great way to see how your money is being used in the cafeteria.

                     Go to “My Students” and click the “Clipboard Icon” beside student name to see up to 30 days of 
                     account history.

    • Email Alerts - This eliminates last-minute surprises and helps ensure there is no interruption of your student's school meal service.

                     Go to “My Students” and click the “Pencil icon” beside student name. 
    t the dollar amount for “Low Balance Email Reminder Level” and click “Save”.

    EZSchoolPay accepts credit and debit cards that display the MasterCard or Visa logo. When making a deposit online, a flat service charge fee of $3.00 per transaction will be charged regardless of the amount deposited. Deposits made online are typically credited to the student’s cafeteria account within 15 minutes if made during normal school hours. As always, Ponder ISD will continue to accept deposits in the form of cash and checks – this service is simply offered as a convenience for those parents who find it helpful.
    We hope this service will continue to be beneficial for many parents. If you have questions concerning this service or your child’s account, please contact campus cafeteria cashier or the school office.