• SAT and ACT Tests

    Ponder High School Code: 445590

    • SAT and ACT are used to determine college admission and scholarship awards
    • Students should take the PSAT their sophomore year to prepare for the SAT
    • Students should take their first test before the end of the Junior Year
    • Colleges do not prefer one brand over the other
    • Taking the test multiple times can only help, not hurt, a student

    Register for the PSAT w/Mrs. Ivy (in September listen for announcments and check the PHS website)

    Register for the ACT

    Register for the SAT

    Please note: If you are on free or reduced lunch, you may pick up a fee waiver for either the SAT or the ACT in the Counseling Office.

    Test Prep:

    TSI Tests

    • The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test is a test that assesses college readiness.
    • It is required by most 2-year junior and/or community colleges before course registration.
    • Check with your college to see if they require this test from you.
    • Make arrangements with your chosen college to take the test if necessary.  
    • Ponder High School is now an approved TSI testing site. See the PHS office about signing up.
    • You may also be able to take the test at the UNT Gateway Center if your college is not within driving distance. PH. 940-369-7617

    Testing Resources

    Why practice? Why prepare?

    The SAT and ACT tests are your doorway into the college of your choice, and you want the best possible representation of your abilities. For some people, test taking itself is an acquired skill, so practice will help you reach your potential. Remember, aside from college admission, many scholarships require minimum SAT or ACT scores, so it is definitely to your advantage to take one of the tests and to do well.

    These are just a few of the resources out there to help you prepare for the SAT and/or ACT and to practice before you take it.

    1. Revolution Prep

    For more information, see their website:


    1. SAT

    There are online practice programs for a fee and some

    for free.  Visit their website for more information:



    1. ACT has several resources available, some free and some at a

    price. See their website: