2019-2020 Ponder High School NCTC Dual Credit Check List

    ___1.  January 22, 2018 Dual Credit Information Night Presentation -- All parents and students need to review this presentation if planning to pursue dual credit course work from NCTC. If you and/or your parent were not able to attend, click on the link above and review. Ask Mrs. Ivy if you have questions at aivy@ponderisd.net 

    ___2. NCTC Student/Parent Dual Credit Orientation Form  -- Once the 1/22/18 presentation has been reviewed (above), please print, sign, and return this form to Anne Ivy, PHS Counselor, in the high school office. 

    ___3. Apply Texas -- Free; Student must create a username, password, and make sure that they have completed the process for registration as outlined by the NCTC dual credit office. Instructions will be provided in person or electronically.

    Apply Texas -- apply here  -- Mrs. Ivy will be available during student lunches February 6th and February 7th (3:25-4:25). Also, see this attachment for step by step directions so that you can complete this at home with your parents...Apply Texas Directions

    Once Apply Texas is completed, you will receive an email in 8-10 days with your NCTC ID. If you don't get an email, something is wrong and you will need to log back into Apply Texas or contact NCTC at 940-498-6278. 

    ___4. Prior to TSI testing students must complete the Pre-Assessment for testing -- http://www.tsipreview.com/welcome/NCTC -- PLEASE PRINT YOUR CERTIFICATE AND SUBMIT IT TO MRS. IVY with the TSI receipt (see Step 5)

    ___5. Sign up, pay for, and print my receipt to take the TSI -- Texas Success Initiative Test -- Ponder HS future Dual Credit students will need to take the Writing and Reading Tests. The math portion should also be taken if the student plans to do OnRamps Pre-Calculus course (cost is $10 for Writing and Reading only & $15 for Writing, Reading, and Math) Payment must be made in person in the PHS office -- checks should be made payable to Ponder ISD.  

     Certificate (from step 4) and Payment are DUE by March 27th to Mrs. Ivy in the front office. TSI Test will be given May 14th and 15th at Ponder HS; Mrs. Ivy will let you know your date/time.

    ___6. If TSI scores (Reading 351 or higher and Writing 340/4 essay or 310-339/5 essay) permit, students and parents will be asked to fill out and return a Fall 2020 registration form to sign up for dual credit at PHS-- Mrs. Ivy will provide this form when the time comes with the appropriate course numbers.

    ___7. Apply for and submit scholarships through NCTC or the Ponder Education Foundation by the deadline (typically Oct 15th (for Spring) and April 15th (For Fall); The responsibility to apply for grants or scholarships correctly rests entirely with the student. Click here:  NCTC Scholarships

    ___8. Pay NCTC for the courses as close to the day that your student registers online at PHS. Failure to pay, may result in the student being dropped from dual credit. Any books needed for the course can be purchased after the course begins as the instructor will share what he/she requires. (Grants through the Ponder Education Foundation are available, but have strict guidelines for on-time submission; students on free/reduced lunch do NOT pay for the course, but will have to purchase  any required books)

    ___9. Maintain a "C" or better each semester. Also, please remember...A new registration form and payment is required each new semester (Fall and Spring) as the course work changes from semester to semester just like it does in college. Mrs. Ivy will provide the form, but payment to NCTC should occur at the time your student completes online registration using thier completed/signed registration form.

    ___10. NCTC transcripts for college applications will not be available until at least 2 weeks after the student completes the college semester. Official college transcripts must be requested through NCTC. 

    Thanks so much,

    Anne Ivy, M.Ed.               Ponder H.S. Counselor                  940-479-8213                 aivy@ponderisd.net