• Ponder ISD Child Nutrition Charge Policy

    The student is responsible for their account balance and must inform his/her parents when their account becomes low or negative. Charging meals should be used only in rare circumstances. Students are allowed to build a small negative balance (about the cost for 5 days of breakfast and lunch). Charging is allowed for meals only (no charging for extras). After they reach the charge limit, they can get an alternate meal for 3 days. An alternate meal is a piece of toast and milk for breakfast and a cheese sandwich and milk for lunch. Cashiers will work with the Principal to contact the parent after receiving 3 days of alternate meals to discuss options, including applying for free or reduced meals.

    When payment is received it will be applied to negative balance first.

    Ponder ISD offers the online EZSchoolPay service to the parents of PISD students. Parents are always welcome to check the account of their children at any time free of charge – there is no cost whatsoever associated with balance inquiries, viewing transactions history for the past 30 days and getting email alerts on balances. EZSchoolPay service also allows parents to make deposits to their account for a fee. This service is simply offered as a convenience for those parents who find it helpful.

    As always, Ponder ISD will continue to accept deposits in the form of cash and checks.

    For more information please contact Child Nutrition Director, Jeannie DeLange at 940-479-8308 or by email at jdelange@ponderisd.net.