• I have taught Spanish for 26 years. I grew an interest in the education field and decided to continue my studies at East Texas Baptist University. There I received a post-bachelor's certification program in Spanish Secondary (6-12). I later worked at Van ISD, while also studying for my masters in Bilingual Education with a gifted and talented concentration at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.Then I worked at Lufkin High School on Advance Placement Spanish Languague and Literature.

            I am very multicultural person that values diversity. I have traveled and lived in several different countries and learned different cultures and languages.  I received a scholarship to study in Reggio Emilia, Italy for nine months and I spent a year in Europe studying agricultural cereal production and Italian. I took three years of French and English at the University of Queretaro.

            I  have three three daughters, two  graduated from the University of Texas at Austin  and now they are continued with law studies one in CUNY law school and the other one in SMU . My  youngest  one currently studying nutrition  at TWU. 

            I am a strong believer that  being bilingual opens many doors for  my students. They can enjoy more cultures, give more help, and potentially earn more. As a whole, their culture gives them more. I want to be able to excite my students about Spanish. I continuously give advice to my students. I inform them about the challenges they may face in life and try to prepare them to be well-rounded students who can compete in the workforce. Education makes communities and people stronger and a language opens doors to an array of opportunities.

                    I teach with varied approaches and varied assessments. I try to implement real life dialogues into the classroom to help the students adequately understand the language. I use the natural approach and Krashen’s theoretical model of language acquisition in the classroom. These approaches apply the use of comprehensible inputs and the basics of communication in a motivated, open environment that promotes communication and self- confidence. The activities include a lot of vocabulary, total physical response methods. I put a great emphasis in oral communications and comprehension and cultural aspects then focus on written, reading skills and grammatical structures. I like to create a creative and diverse classroom that provides opportunities for students. I also try to implement technology into my course work. I assign projects to encourage self –growth and communication.  I believe that as a teacher it is my responsibility to help my students face the multicultural challenges they will confront in the future and help them implement Spanish into their daily lives.

    I hope to have a great year ! 


    Ana Youssef