• About Mrs. Bieler

    I graduated from North Texas University Cum Laude with a BA in Mathematics and a minor in Secondary Education.  I am certified to teach math grades 6th-12th.   I am a member of the Mathematical Association of America, and a former member of both USA Gymnastics, and the National Association of Women's Gymnastic Judges. Ponder has been my only professional teaching home since 1991.  I have taught every mathematics course offered at the Middle School and High School at one time or another.  I also taught 7th grade Health for two years.

    I have a magnificent husband and three beautiful daughters, two of whom are the parents of our four wonderful, precious, delightful grandchildren: Braeden Charles, October 28, 2001, Blake Elizabeth, October 28, 2001, McKenna Noelle, March 27, 2002 and Raegan Alexis, February 14, 2004.


    As you know, each individual has a different learning style. There are three basic styles: seeing, hearing, and doing (visual, audio, and tactile). I give notes each class day with opportunities to discuss and work with the concepts. In this way, hopefully I address each learning style and will be reasonably sure the students understand the concepts before the end of the period. However, there is little to no class time for in-depth practice and I firmly believe that the only way to learn math is by practice. I try to give enough practice so that the concepts have a chance to get into long term memory. Math builds upon each concept sequentially. If a student does not have a good working knowledge of previous concepts, major problems can occur further down the road. My sights are set on preparing my students for the EOC, SAT, ACT, upper level high school mathematics, and, of course, college mathematics. Algebra II, in some cases, is the last math class a student will have before graduating. It may be the last opportunity for students to fill in the gaps, expand on ideas, and learn the beginning layer of many branches of mathematics. Although some students are not planning to continue their education, hopefully they will have a good background in mathematics if they ever change their minds.