• Ponder Dance Club

    Mission Statement: The Ponder Dance Club is dedicated to cultivating lifelong learners who value dance, education, community development, and excellence in becoming cultured citizens.

    Dance Club Objective:  Dance at Ponder is designed to teach the whole 21st century learner. We will be working towards building a strong foundation in perception, creative expression through artistic process and performance, and the historical/cultural relevance of dance in today’s society.

    Dance Club Description: This club will cover basic dance and performance skills in ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hip, ballroom, and world dance. Each of these techniques will be researched through movement practice, improvisation, technology integration, and cross curriculum study. The club will align with Texas Dance TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) in order to prepare the Ponder students to advance with a basic knowledge of dance.

    Learner Outcomes: In addition to the basic skills and with dance being the main means of exploration, the student will also learn:

    *creative ways to foster physical, mental, and emotional fitness

    *the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

    *innovative ways to connect dance to their general education courses

    *development of positive intra and interpersonal communication skills

    *an appreciation for cultural awareness, both local and global

    *dance history

    *to explore both learned and self-created choreography

    *to develop strong performance skills

    *technology literacy

    *to cultivate an appreciation for the fine arts

    *to have fun in a safe and positive environment

    *to treat each with kindness and respect