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    Principles of Chemistry I : addresses the nature of matter, energy, chemical reactions, and chemical thermodynamics. The course begins with a review of descriptive chemistry of matter in the natural world as well as compositional and reaction stoichiometry of chemical compounds. Throughout the course, students learn to think like scientists by exploring the underlying theoretical foundations of chemistry, making intuitive arguments for how the world works, and supporting those arguments with quantitative measures. Built with an intention to engage students from a variety of backgrounds, students in the course will learn how to successfully study science by organizing their learning around mastery and ownership of materials.

    Introduction to Chemical Practices I, the course’s lab component, provides an introduction to the techniques of modern experimental chemistry, and is designed to instill basic laboratory and analytical skills.  

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    Lab Simulations

    Build an Atom    Build an Atom


     limting reactant     Limiting Reactant

    field hockey  

    Electric Field Hockey


     molecule  Molecule Shapes

    gas . properties  Gas Properties

    states of matter  States of Matter