• The Penaluna's Bigs

    I came from a small town in north Texas Nocona. Yes the boots and the baseball gloves. I actually worked at the glove factory a few summers! But anyway I went to Texas Tech after school where i graduated. I love teaching my little Firsties! They are so fun and so sweet at this age! 1st grade is a very hard year for kiddos, learning how to read and becoming little writers! But they do it with lots of hugs and always a smile on their faces! As your kiddos will probably soon say I love to draw, sing and make jokes. But my love for drawing became something much more. I make wood signs and draw murals with this passion. My husband and I build furniture as well. Our famiy just likes to stay busy and active. I have 4 kiddos, Lawsen 5, Ian is 9, Brody 15 and Shelby is 16.