1ST TARDY:   Warning

                    2nd TARDY:   30 Minute Detention    (Parent/Guardian Notified)

                    3rd TARDY:    Two “Zero” Hour Detentions

                    4th TARDY:    One “Zero” Hour Detention & Five Hours of PHS Service 

                    5th TARDY:    ISS or DAEP             


    CLASSROOM RULES                                                     CONSEQUENCES OF BREAKING THE RULES

    1. No food or drink in the classroom especially GUM                              1.  Verbal warning / seating changed

    2. 2. Be in your assigned desk at the tardy bell with all materials                2.  15 minute detention before or after school

          3. Keep all objects including your hands to yourself                                 3.  30 minute detention after school / parent notified

          4. Do not throw ANYTHING in class                                                     4.  Office visit

          5. No private conversations during class

          6.  No materials or conversations in class not pertaining to the subject

          7.  BE POLITE!  Respect others’ property and rights

          8.  No primping




    I expect you to come into this class on time and ready to learn.         I demand proper classroom etiquette and behavior

    I expect you to be prepared for each class.                       I demand knowledge of your grade by both you and your parent/guardian 

    I expect mutual respect among and between all people in the classroom.  I demand the respect due my position and responsibilities.