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    Ponder Junior High Band Syllabus for 2018-2019

    Welcome to Band for the 2019-2020 School Year! I am looking forward to making great music and experiences with all of you. This document contains most of what will be covered for this school year. Please refer to it if you have questions about something before getting in contact with me.


    Classroom Policies

    1. Bring all materials to class every day. There is always a possibility that circumstances change and something that wasn’t needed all week may be needed in class that day.


    1. Students should have their chromebook devices charged and ready to be used for class on a daily basis. We will use them throughout the school year and it is necessary to have all of the class participate.


    1. Lost music should be taken care of before or after class. There will be a Google Form posted on each class’ Google Classroom page that can be filled out in order to request a replacement copy of music.


    1. There will be occasional assignments that need to be recorded and submitted rather than completed during class or a written assignment. Students should make every effort to complete the assignment as early as possible. I will not excuse late assignments due to poor planning on the part of a student. Any issue out of the student’s control needs to be communicated to me as soon as possible.


    1. All concerts and contest performances take precedence over other events unless specified in the exceptions listed in the student handbook. I cannot excuse you from an event unless I know about it!  Refer to your student handbook regarding the school policies. Missing a performance for a non-school related reason will be up to the director’s discretion in terms of consequences, including: Alternate assignments, grade penalization, detention/ISS, and removal from future performances.

    1. Cell Phone/Electronics Policy: Students should not use cell phones or other similar electronic devices during class unless explicitly permitted by the teacher. The permission granted is on a case-by-case basis and does not automatically apply from one day to another. If a phone or other device is used without permission, the teacher will confiscate the device and follow the policies set forth by the district and the student handbook.


    1. Behavior Issues- Band is a class where you get to be loud and express yourself in many ways. Students should not be touching each other or others’ instruments. We are all responsible for our own supplies, materials, and instruments. Making excessive noise, hitting people, and/or stealing other students’ instruments will not be tolerated.


    1. Music classes often have less traditional “homework”, instead having more practice and playing-based assignments. If you do not practice, you will not “naturally” get better. All of the work put into music will have a direct correlation with how well you perform. Students are required to log their practice time on a weekly basis in order to ensure that they are keeping up with their work.


    1. Have fun! Music classes are about expressing yourself, singing along to your favorite songs, playing an arrangement of a really cool movie piece you like, and just making stuff up from time to time. It is a lifelong skill that you can develop as much as you’d like to, or as little. The more you work at it, the better you will get.

    Grading Policy

    Students will be routinely assessed on a wide variety of musical tasks that are taught in class. Typically, all students will have a practice record due each week, a recorded playing assessment, an in-class rhythm writing/playing assessment, and general classroom behavior and participation grades. Concert attendance and performances will also account for a significant portion of their final grade for the school year. Students will have opportunities to complete extra assignments outside of class in order for credit towards their grade as well.  The student grade breakdown will be as follows:

    Test Grades (Concerts, Contests): 25%

    Practice Records: 25%

    Written/Weekly Assignments/Classroom 50%


    If there are any questions regarding grading policy, please communicate with me so that any issues can be cleared up and/or resolved.

    If there are any questions or concerns regarding music classes, please let me know via email at dreynolds@ponderisd.net. I look forward to working with you this year!