Ponder Junior High School's Values and Beliefs

  • Our Values Regarding Instruction and Learning

    ~ Learning is different than listening.  Students should have daily access to meaningful learning activities that

       will help them acquire, process, and use the information we want them to learn.

    ~ Today’s learners are different than when “we” were in school, so all educators must be committed to learning
       new ways to reach the students of the 21st century.

    Our Values Regarding our Work with Teenagers

    ~ All students in our school will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

    ~ Educators have a responsibility to foster positive relationships with all students.

    Our Values Regarding the Role of our School in the Community and with Families

    ~ As an employee of Ponder Junior High School, I represent something bigger than myself.

    ~ As an educator, I know that my statements carry a lot of weight.  When I am speaking about Ponder Junior
       High School or Ponder ISD in the community or on social media, I agree to do so in a positive manner.

    Our Values Regarding Grading and Homework

    ~ All students deserve engaging and rigorous learning opportunities aligned to the appropriate curriculum,
       coursework, grade level, and education plan.

    ~ Learning is different than working.

    Our Values Regarding our Work and our Work Place 

    ~ As an employee, I agree to work with my colleagues to solve problems facing our school and our students.
       Every issue is OUR issue.

    ~ As an employee, I am committed to being present, punctual, and ready to work hard each day. 

    Our Values Regarding Student Discipline

    ~ Correcting student behavior is a teaching opportunity and not just a series of punishments and

    ~ All employees in the school share the responsibility for student behavior and discipline.

    Our Values Regarding our School Facilities 

    ~ It is everyone’s job to make sure this building is a clean, safe learning environment for students.

    ~ As an employee of Ponder Junior High School, I will actively help keep this building clean.