• The Ponder Junior High Band Program will provide many materials throughout the year for all band students; however there are some things that will need to be purchased for students in order to ensure the highest levels of success. Many of these items are already ordered if you rented an instrument through our instruments vendor, Tarpley Music. In some cases (using a school instrument, etc) you may need to make an additional purchase due to the nature of sharing school instruments with students in other classes. The rest may be purchased in a location of your discretion, though we are happy to point out locations where you are able to do so. 

    The following are listed for each part of the program in order to best suit our needs.

    Beginning Band

    1" Black Binder with clear plastic cover

    - Essential Elements for Band, Book 1 (for your child's specific instrument, for example "Trumpet" or "Flute")

    - 2 pencils (these will stay in your child's instrument case)

    3-ring pencil/supplies pouch (link is an example- feel free to purchase where most cost-effective)

    - Cleaning supplies (these vary by instrument- please check with a director for specifics)

    - Metronome or Tuner Device (these are also accessible on a smart phone or chromebook, but some students may want a separate device when there is no online connectivity)