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    Posted by Ashley Peterson on 3/28/2020 8:00:00 AM
    • Help your child learn to identify his/her printed first name.  Also have your child practice writing his/her name.  Make sure when printing to capitalize only the first letter and make all other letters lowercase.
    • Practice buttoning, snapping, zipping and tieing his/her own clothing and shoes so they are able to do so without adult assistance.
    • Look for letters in thier name on signs or licence plates.
    • READ, READ, READ to your child everyday!!!!
    • Practice colors by looking for a specific color whil at home, in a car, ar at the store.
    • Let your child use scissors while supervised.  Cut out pictures in magazines, junk mail, coupons, and then move on to cutting on a line.
    • Practice counting by: counting fingers, counting chairs in your house, counting cookies, etc.
    • Give lots of drawing experiences with crayons and paper.  Have your child tell you a story about the picture.
    • Allow your child to name things wherever you go and tell you about them.
    • Practice self-help skills:  taking care of toileting needs, taking off and putting on clothes, buttoning shirts, putting on and zipping a coat, washing own hands with soap and water, helping to set the table, cleaning up after themsleves, blowing and wiping nose.
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