• Ponder ISD cares about the safety of students at the bus stop. Parents are encouraged to supervise children before the bus arrives for pick up and be visible and available when our littlest lions get off the bus in the afternoons. Parents are encouraged to do their due diligence to be informed  about the safety and security of their neighborhood and surrounding area. 

    Denton County maintains a sex offender list by zip code for those who reside outside of a municipality.

    Denton County Sex Offenders

    Sex offenders in Denton County who reside outside of a municipality are required by law to register with the Denton County Sheriff’s Office. Sex offenders who reside within municipalities are required to register with the police department within that jurisdiction. Only those individuals that have registered with the Denton County Sheriff’s Office are listed on this website. Information on sex offenders residing within a city should be directed to the police department of that city or to the Texas Department of Public Safety.