• Online Learning

    I will start providing history assignments starting Monday March 23. I just wanted to make sure everyone has access to Google Classroom. Here are the codes for Google Classroom for each class period:

    2nd - n6rcspu

    3rd - sbyxljo

    6th - sgcg2ri

    7th - vz4jxza

    8th - x2zfoyd

    9th - f7hb7sr

    You will receive a new history assignment every Monday and Wednesday. Texas History assignments will be found in Google Classroom.

    If you do not have your Texas History textbook online please email me your name and the class period you have Texas History and I will sign you up.

    Please understand this form of education is new and we will make mistakes. It is very important that you make an effort to complete every assignment. Participation is extremely important. If you are attempting to do what is asked of you everything will workout. 

    I am looking forward to getting started on this new adventure in education. Good luck to all of us!


    Hello.  Welcome to 7th grade Texas History

    Tutorials will be available 6:45-7:45 a.m. every morning, during lunch and after school (by appointment only). You must let me know if you plan on coming by after school. If you come for help before school and the front door is locked come around to the back door and knock. I will lock the front door at 6:55 and it will not be unlocked again until 7:30.

    Policy For Correcting Daily Work

    1. Always do corrections on a sheet of notebook paper and staple it to the original assignment.
    2. Write the question you are correcting.
    3. If you are correcting a fill in the blank question write the entire sentence.
    4. If you are correcting a true and false you must write the statement. If it is false you must write the statement and then mark out what makes it false. Above or below what you marked out write the information that will make the statement true.
    5. You must get all questions that you correct right before I will consider the paper corrected.
    6. .
    7. If the assignment had points deducted for being late the points will also be deducted on the correction.
    8. If you turn in a correction that is messy, I will make no attempt to grade it and the original grade will be final.
    9. I will allow you to make up to an 85 on a correction if you follow this guideline.