• If your child requires any medication to be administered or carried at school:

    • Must submit a Medication Authorization form (see below)
    • Medication has to be in original packaging or with properly labeled prescription
    • Medication needs to be brought in by parent or guardian to the School Office or Nurse (Do not send ANY medications to school with your child or in their backpack - this is for their safety)
    • Medication must be provided by parent/guardian and be in the original container
    • Labels on medicine and parent request form must match
    • Prescription and over-the-counter medications (this includes cough drops, antacids, vitamin supplements, pain relievers, topical ointments, eye drops, etc.) require one of the authorization forms listed below. 


    **The first dose of any medication that a student is to recieve WILL NOT be given at school** 

    The school office or clinic will not provide any student medications. Parent/guardian is required to provide the student's medications.

    **No written or emailed parent notes will be accepted**


    Complete this form if your child is to be given medications at school for 15 school days or less:

    Authorization for 15 days or less (English)

    Authorization for 15 days or less (Spanish)


    If your child requires medications to be given at school for longer than 15 school days, then please complete this form. This form must be signed by the parent/guardian and the physician. Physician's orders are defined as an M.D., Podiatrist, Dentist, or a Nurse Practitioner working under Dr's orders. There are instructions included with the medication form. These forms MUST be on file with the school BEFORE the student starts the medication at school.

     Medication Authorization Form (English)

    Medication Authorization Form (Spanish)


     A child may be allowed to self-carry and self-administer asthma, anyphylactic and/or diabetic medications only if they have shown that they can self-administer properly and safely. A parent/guardian and physician must complete the self-medication authorization form (see below). An asthma, anyphylaxis or diabetic managemement plan should accompany this form. These forms must be kept in the main office or clinic at the child's campus.

    Self-Medication Authorization Form