• 2021-2022 Registration

    New & returning student registration is open.  Please note that you may see your student's previous school year information on some documents- this is okay! It will all update in August. There are documents where you will have to fill out your student's information.  On those documents, please put the upcoming school year (21-22) information for your student.
    Please do not submit your registration paperwork until you have uploaded proof of residency for your student (proof of residency is required for ALL students). This includes any utility bill- water, electric, trash, mortgage statement, etc.  A phone bill is NOT permitted. If your student has received updated vaccinations, please upload an updated immunization form as well.

    If you are more comfortable (or if it's easier) bringing in a physical copy or emailing your proof of residency and/or an updated immunization record (if applicable), you are welcome to send to your student's campus front office. If emailing, send to:

    PES- lmcdaniel@ponderisd.net
    PJH- kyoung@ponderisd.net
    PHS- lboxell@ponderisd.net

    If you have any questions, please contact your student's campus front office. 

  • Ascender Parent Portal Web Address Has Changed
    Our cloud hosting provider has migrated Ascender to a new server environment, so the web address to access the parent portal has changed. If you had previously bookmarked the old site, we suggest you delete the prior bookmark and replace it with the new web address.

  • Welcome to the new Ascender Parent Portal -- the online parent portal provided by Ponder ISD . By logging on to Ascender Parent Portal, parents can view their child's academic progress at any time. Communication and parental involvement is vital to each student's success. We hope that this online access will allow parents the opportunity to keep up with their student's progress on a more frequent basis. Additionally, Ascender Parent Portal is the vehicle for guardians to register their children for school.

    To begin using Ascender Parent Portal, the parents or legal guardians must obtain a parent portal letter which contains a unique parent portal ID for their child along with specific directions for registering. The parent portal IDs from the old txConnect Parent Portal are no longer valid. Please note that PPCD, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade classes do not utilize an electronic gradebook. Therefore parents of students in those grades will not be able to view academic grades online. However the attendance features will still be accessible.
    As always, we welcome your comments. If you have questions on how to use Ascender Parent Portal, please feel free to contact your child's school office.  Below are the phone numbers for each campus:
    • Ponder High School
    • Ponder Junior High School
    • Ponder Elementary School