• Dear Ponder Lions,

    Roles at the High School

    My name is Mrs. Calderon and I am the Bilingual/ESL Coordinator here at Ponder H.S. I also service students  at the J.H. My role is to provide second language acquisition support through linguistically accommodated instruction. Although I am here to assist our English Language Learners, I find myself helping ALL learners. My mission is to ensure that our students are receiving effective instruction, that they are on track, and making progress throughout their academic experience.

    Educational Experience and Background

    This will be my thirteenth year in education, having served as an elementary school teacher for six years, an elementary assistant principal for two years, and now, Bilingual/ESL Coordinator. I was in Dallas ISD for eight years and now I am priveleged to say I am in Ponder ISD. Big switch! I completed my master's degree at SMU in 2011 and I am a mentor and coordinator for the SMU Hispanic Alumni. My master's degree is in Bilingual Education. I also got my master's degree from UNT in 2018 in Educational Leadership. I began my doctoral program a year ago, but I stopped due to circumstances surroudning COVID. I started back this January and it is very difficult, but I am learning so much! Overall, I am very excited to be back in school learning as much as I can and using that knowledge to service Ponder ISD.

    Personal Life

    In my personal life, I am blessed to have an amazing husband, Matthew, of 20 years, two beautiful children, Jacob (age 18), Bella (age 13), and my dog Jude. I am very proud to share that my baby boy moved out of the house and moved into his dorm at UNT in August. We are so proud of him and excited for his future! My daughter attends Decatur Middle School and is in cross county, soccer, and is taking on all honors classes this year. She is pretty amazing and keeps us very busy. My interests include read non-fiction books and self-help books. I also love to listen to music (any kind), watch scary movies, cook, have parties, and most of all, spend time with my family!

    I am so excited and anxious to get to know all of the students at Ponder ISD. Most of all, I seek to provide the most enriched and fulfilling educational experience your child deserves. I look forward to a phenomenal school year!

     Mrs. Calderon, M.Ed., MBE

    Bilingual/ESL Coordinator

    Ponder ISD