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    Donut worry

    Update for May 18-22

    There will not be any new assignements this week.  Students may work on the 1st grade memory book if they choose.  Parents do not have to send any pictures of completed work!

    I will continue reading books for fun and posting them!

    Monday- Dragons Love Tacos


    Wednesday-Student drop off/pick up day!  Schedule is posted below.  If you have any library books or baggie books from me, please return them at this time!

    PJH Drop Off/Pick Up Times

    Thursday- Last day of School!



    Update for May 11-15

    This week we will be learning about the Frog Life Cycle!  We will be using the Frog Life Cycle papers from the packet!  This is our last full week of 1st grade!  Lets finish strong!!


    Frog Life Cycle Playlist -different videos that describe the frog life cycle!


    Lessons for May 11-15

    Monday: Reading Lesson Frogs/Frog Life Cycle

    Tuesday: Math Lesson Lesson 15-3  Froggy Goes to Hawaii

    Wednesday: Reading Lesson I Don't Want to be a Frog/Frog Life Cycle Writing

    Thursday: Math Lesson Lesson 15-4

    Friday: Reading Lesson  Froggy Learns to Swim/Frog Life Cycle Writing



    Update for May 4-8

    A new packet has been mailed out.  If you haven't gotten it yet, don't worry!  It will get there soon!  The new packet has work for the last 3 weeks of school!

    I will put the links for each lesson here as well as sending them to you on ClassTag!  Since Cinco de Mayo is this week, I will be also reading Skippyjon Jones books and sending those videos out as well!

    Here are the lesson plans for the weeks of May 4-8, May 11-15, and May 18-21

    Lesson Plans


    Lessons for May 4-8

    Monday:  Reading Lesson Poems About Us!

    Tuesday:  Math Lesson Lesson 15-1Skippyjon Jones

    Wednesday:  Reading Lesson Joaquin's Zoo

    Thursday:  Math Lesson Lesson 15-2

    Friday:  Reading Lesson Fay and the Dragon




    Update April 27-May1

    I will be putting the links to the daily lesson here on the class website, as well as sending them to you on ClassTag!

    Lesson Plans (April 20-May 1)


    Monday:  Reading Lesson- Sky Color 4/27

    Tuesday:  Math Lesson- Hershey's Kisses Subtraction Book 4/28

    Wednesday: Reading Lesson- Jem's Trick 4/29

    Thursday:  Math Lesson- Spaghetti and Meatballs for All! 4/30

    Friday:  Reading Lesson- We Are the Future 5/1




    Update for the week of April 20-24:

    I hope everyone is doing well and settling into a routine.  Here are some updates to help you out!

    *The home learning packets that we sent out had 3 weeks of work in them and will be in the plans for the week of April 20-24. 

    *The new home learning packet will be mailed out and is for use the week of April 27-May 1.

    *The new packet will also include lesson plans for the weeks of April 20-24 and April 27-May 1.

    *We will still be using the myBook 5, so there is no need to get another one.  This will be used on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

    *We will not be sending out math workbook pages.  Instead, your student will only work on the worksheet packet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I will be reading some Math books and teaching about hands on Math activities on my videos on those days!  




    Update for the week of April 6-10:

    I hope all is well with everyone.  If you have not received a packet, you should be getting it by Monday or Tuesday!  The packet includes the math pages and a new At Home Learning packet.  This packet has 5 pages per day to do.  It lists everything you should do each day.  We will till be following the same schedule with Reading on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and Math on Tuesday and Thursday!  I will still be posting daily videos.  

    The biggest difference is that I need parents to send me a picture of the student's completed work each day.  Now, I realize that some are still working and some are sharing resources at home.  I will accept pictures of work for the week until 11:59 PM on Sunday.  So, all pictures of work for April 6-10 will need to be sent to me by April 12 at 11:59 PM.  You can send pictures to me on ClassTag, by email (ecollins@ponderisd.net), or by the google voice number I sent out!  

    Also, please continue to log in to Lexia.  I know that the app does not work on Andriod devices, but you can still get onto it by going through the website.  The link is on the Resources for Distance Learning tab.

    I want to thank all of you for all you are doing for your child.  You ARE making a big difference!


    If it is at all possible, please have your child log on to Lexia every day.  We sent the paper with all the login information in the packet.  If you are having trouble with it, or have a question, please message me on ClassTag or email me at ecollins@ponderisd.net