• "Creativity Takes Courage” - Henri Matisse

    Fine Arts Department - Secondary Art at PHS

    We will begin to understand Art through the Elements & Principles of Art & Design, Art Evaluation, Vocabulary and Self-Discovery. An integral aspect of Art is problem solving and we will employ brainstorm and creative processes to aid in the exploration and manifestation of our artistic goals.


    Class Procedures

    A warm-up activity will be posted daily. These will mostly consist of quick sketches. Completing this activity will serve as part of your participation grade. If working with materials, we will reserve 5-10 minutes at the end of class to clean up the room. This requires the participation of all students. We will be working with a wide range of supplies that will either be provided for the student or cleaned and sanitized between uses. I have arranged the room to the best of my ability to allow for distancing. Please encourage your student to follow current school safety protocols and participate in the cleaning of the art room to help keep our area safe.


    Taking Risks

    Being an artist often requires us to try new things and extend ourselves. The exciting part is making the choice of how we express our ideas and our craft. The Art classroom will remain a safe place to take risks, share pieces of ourselves and discover our artistic talents. Not everyone will excel at every art process. Most importantly, we will all participate, listen and support one another to cultivate a safe environment to create.



    Participation & Sketchbook 50%

    Classroom Assignments 25%

    Final Projects 25%

    Every student that walks into the room is an artist, though talent may vary. This requires a grading system to accommodate a range of artistic levels. Grades are generally based on completion, following instructions, effort, and when the situation applies, creativity. This allows for all levels of talent to be graded as artists. Sketchbook & Participation is 50% of an Art student's grade. We begins each day with a sketchbook assignment. These are quick sketches I take a completion grade for every Friday. I also take progress grades, that apply to the participation grade, when we are working on a multi-step, long-term project to help everyone stay within the allotted time frame for the assignment. If your student is struggling with grades, I am happy to answer questions about how they use their time in class or if they have missing assignments.

    We do our best to give enough time to complete all projects in class therefore, all projects are due on the due date. If a project is turned in within 3 days of the due date, 10 points will be taken off the grade for the project. If a project is over one week late students may turn in the assignment for a grade of 75, if complete and 50 if incomplete. If a student is truly working on a masterpiece and shows consistent effort to use time wisely in class, they may talk to me personally about a project extension on a project by project basis. Most assignments are stored in class and completed in class, therefore an assignment is not considered turned in until it is directly handed to me. 


    Due to COVID-19 and the safety procedures that come along with it, we could use some help stocking supplies in the Art classroom to reduce shared supplies. If your student can bring these to items to class, it would be greatly appreciated and help reduce the amount of time spent sanitizing items between uses. Supplies purchased by you and brought to class by your student will be kept in the classroom but will only be used by your student. If students do not provide their own supplies, we will provide them with shared classroom supplies cleaned between uses. Please provide whatever you can, even if it is not the full list. Items in bold, are needed the most.

    • A zipper pouch to keep all supplies in
    • Scissors
    • Glue Stick
    • #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils) 
    • Water color strip
    • Pink Erasers
    • Permanent Marker
    • 24 count color pencils White Glue
    • Paint Brushes - 3-4, assorted sizes
    • Clear Ruler
    • Masking Tape
    • 2 Quart size and 2 sandwich size baggies
      (These will hold distributed classroom supplies for specific projects)



    We are accepting donations for the art program at this time! Plain computer paper, No. 2 pencils (no mechanical pencils please), pink erasers and glue sticks are always needed. We can also use clear plastic egg cartons, bed sheets (any color or print), newspapers, and wire hangers.


    Contact me!

    Parents if you need anything, please email me anytime at nprobst@ponderisd.net or call me at 940-479-8435 during my conference from 8:48 - 9:36. 


    Thank you for supporting me during my second year at Ponder ISD. 
    I am proud a part of such a wonderful district

    Nicole Probst

    Fine Arts Department - Secondary Art