• "An artist cannot fail, it is a success to be one” 

    - Charles Cooley




    Ponder Art Syllabus

    Welcome to art class at Ponder High School! 

    Class structure

    We will begin to understand Art through Art History, the Elements & Principles of Art & Design, Art Evaluation, Vocabulary and Self-Discovery. The biggest goal of the year is to tap into our personal creativity and explore how to move ideas from our heads to a piece of work. An integral aspect of Art is problem solving and we will learn Design Thinking to aid in the implementation of our artistic goals.


    Artist Exploration

    At the beginning of the semester, students will be assigned a specific artist. Throughout the semester students will be responsible for sharing information about their artist and will culminate into a final paper about their artist. The more work that is done throughout the semester, the easier the paper will be to complete.


    Class Procedures

    A warm-up activity will be posted daily. These will mostly consist of quick sketches. Completing this activity will serve as part of your participation grade. If working with materials,  we will reserve 5-10 minutes at the end of class to clean up the room. This requires the participation of all students.


    Taking Risks

    Being an artist often requires us to try new things and extend ourselves. The exciting part is making the choice of how we express our ideas and our craft. The Art classroom will remain a safe place to take risks, share pieces of ourselves and discover our artistic talents. Not everyone will excel at every art process. Most importantly, we will all participate, listen and support one another to cultivate a safe environment to create.



    Minor Grades: participation, daily assignments, quizzes

    Major Grades: projects, paper and tests


    Please bring your drawing kit and your sketchbook* to class. You are welcome to bring other supplies, just remember if you bring them, you are responsible for keeping track of them.
    Recommended supplies can be found in this kit:

    *my plan is to build our own sketchbooks. If that doesn’t work out and one needs to be purchased, I’ll let you know.


    Donations and volunteer opportunities

    We are accepting donations for the art program at this time! I will send out a more detailed list in the future. If you or someone you know wants to share an art skill, please let me know! The kids would love it!


    Contact me!

    Parents if you need anything, please email me anytime at nprobst@ponderisd.net or call me at 940-479-8435 during my conference from 1:49 - 2:35. 


    Thank you for supporting me during my first year at Ponder ISD.
    I am excited and proud a part of such a wonderful district

    Nicole Probst

    Art Teacher- Ponder Junior High/ High School