Accommodations and Resources for Special Education, 504 and ESL Students

  • We hope you are all well and are enjoying time with your family. As we all navigate home learning remember to visit our website for updates and resources. Meeting the needs of our special populations is very important to us here at Ponder Elementary. Along with providing you a packet of accommodation resources it is our goal to also provide you with additional resources available on our website to meet the special learning needs of your child. If you have any questions please feel free to email your child’s teacher. We are here to support you and your child during this unexpected time. 

    Below is a list of commonly used accommodations and resources. 


    Commonly Used Accommodations For Special Education, 504 and ESL Students


    • Direct student attention to specific information (e.g., parts of a graphic, parts of an answer choice etc..)
    • Remove distractions while studying (TV, Games, etc…)
    • Encouragement to verbalize steps needed to complete assignment/task.
    • Shortened instructions (reduce number of steps).
    • Frequent breaks.
    • Chunk assignments into smaller sections.
    • Extra time for oral response.
    • Feedback provided frequently.
    • Pre-Teach Vocabulary
    • Provide Visuals
    • Math problem-solving read orally.
    • Read questions and answer choices to student.
    • Remind students they have access to the Read&Write tool for oral accommodations
    • Positive encouragement.
    • Increase font size
    • More white space on paper
    • Allow students to dictate an answer for you to scribe or type.
    • Use of a calculator 
    • Multiplication Chart
    • Place Value Chart
    • 100’s Chart
    • Graphic Organizer
    • List of frequently misspelled words


    Additional Resources:

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    Parent Resources:

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    Managing Stress

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    Keeping It Positive

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