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  • Mrs. Brei

    Mrs. Brei

    In 2009, I graduated from UNT with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Art Education. I earned my M.A. in Art Education from UNT in 2021.

    I taught PK-2 art at Bridgeport Elementary for six years before transferring to the high school, where I spent the next six years. 

    I'm so excited to be part of the Ponder ISD family, and hope to spend many more years here developing amazing artists!



    Tutorials 7:30-7:50

    1st 7:56-8:44 Art1

    2nd 8:48-9:36 Floral Design

    3rd 9:40-10:28 Yearbook

    4th 10:32-11:17 Lunch 

    5th 11:21-12:06 Planning

    6th 12:10-12:55 Art 1

    7th 12:59-1:47 Lunch Duty

    8th 1:51-2:39 Advanced Art

    9th 2:43-3:30 Art 1

    Tutorials 3:35-4:00

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  • Through an art curriculum aimed at teaching students to self-direct their own learning, my students set goals for themselves and work toward those goals by practicing skills, researching, planning, and creating artworks that reflect their personal interests, ideas, and experiences. This process fosters a growth mindset, addresses the needs of every student, and provides them with the skills necessary to be successful in their educational career as well as their lives beyond the classroom.



    Remind: text @PHSArtDen to 81010 

    Email: BBrei@PonderISD.net 


    Social Media

    Instagram: @Mrs_Brei



    Art 1 

    • 1 piece of posterboard (any color)
    • Corded headphones (no bluetooth/wireless) 

    Advanced Art

    • 18" x 24" portfolio (I can provide a quality portfolio that will last several years for $8 or Hobby Lobby has some great options as well.) 
    • Corded headphones (no bluetooth/wireless) 
    • Advanced art students will be provided with space to store their personal supplies. Please purchase quality materials for your child based on their preferred skills. For example, if your child enjoys using colored pencil, a set of Prismacolor colrored pencils would be recommended. If they love to paint, they would benefit from having their own set of brushes. 

    Additional Supplies

    The items below are needed throughout the year. Please provide as many of these items as you are comfortable with. They will be added to the classroom supplies, used well, and greatly appreciated. 


    • Sharpies (ultra fine-point)
    • Markers 
    • Colored Pencils (Roseart or Crayola, please)
    • Glue Sticks (Elmer's, please)
    • Pencils
    • Tape (Masking, Scotch, Packing, Duct)


    Art 1 Syllabus (English)

    Art 1 Syllabus (Spanish)

    Advanced Art Syllabus (English)

    Advanced Art Syllabus (Spanish)

    Yearbook Syllabus (English) coming soon

    Yearbook Syllabus (Spanish) coming soon

  • PHS Art Club

    Times and dates coming soon!