• Connor McKowen,

    I am currently one of the ag teachers. I have been an ag teacher at V.R. Eaton high school and Valley school. Before that, I was the assistant livestock judging coach at Clarendon College. I'm married to my high school sweetheart Jennifer and we have three wonderful children, Jordan, Logan and Waylan. 


    Office: 940-479-8347

    Email: cmckowen@ponderisd.net


    1st: 7:56- 8:44 Principles of Ag

    2nd: 8:46- 9:36 Conferance

    3rd: 9:40- 10:28 Livestock Production

    4th: 10:32- 11:17 Lunch

    5th: 11:21- 12:06 Principles of Ag

    6th: 12:10- 12:55 Livestock Production

    7th: 12:59- 1:47 Ag Equipment Design and Fab.

    8th: 1:51- 2:39 Principles of Ag

    9th: 2:43- 3:30 Ag Equipment Design and Fab.