• Information on School Absences

    • Texas Education Code, Section 25.092 states that a student may not be given credit for a class unless the student is in attendance for at least 90% of the days the class is offered. 

    • Reporting Absences:
      If a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to use one of the options listed below:
      1. Email Mrs. Beer to report the absence. Please include the student’s name, date of absence, reason for absence, estimated date of return, your name, and a phone number where you can be reached. You can email documents to kbeer@ponderisd.net
      2. Call the high school office at 940-479-8210 or 940-479-8214 to “report an absence.” In a voice message, provide the student’s name, date of absence, reason for absence, estimated date of return, your name, and a phone number where you can be reached. *If calling and reporting an absence please remember that you will still need to send a note with the student when they return or email Mrs. Beer.

      Documentation Required for Absences:
      When a student is absent from school, the student must bring a note signed by a parent that describes the reason for the absence. This note must be delivered to Mrs. Lee in the Office within 3 days of the student’s return to school. Any student's absence of more than 3 consecutive days because of a personal illness must be accompanied by a statement from a doctor or health clinic verifying the illness or condition that caused the student’s extended absence from school.
      When a student is absent from class for a medical or legal appointment, the absences will be excused when the school is provided with documentation from the medical or legal provider. Once again, the student has 3 days from his or her return to school to provide proper documentation, or the absence will be considered unexcused. 

    • A student whose absence is excused for an appointment with a healthcare professional shall not be penalized for the absence if the student commences classes or returns to school on the same day of the appointment and brings a note from the healthcare professional verifying the appointment. They MUST be in school for at least one full period.
      A  consultation over the phone or via video (telemedicine) is considered an appointment with a healthcare professional. An appointment with a school nurse is not considered a meeting with a healthcare professional for school funding purposes. (per Texas Education Agency Student Attendance Policy).

    • *If the nurse sends the student home sick for the day, the absence will be excused. (if the student is absent the following day the office will need a note)
      If a student is absent for the entire school day due to a doctor's appointment, the absence will be excused with documentation from the appointment but does not count as a medical absence (they must be on campus for at least 1 class period for the absence to be coded medical).

    • Compulsory Attendance:
      All students enrolled in public schools in Texas are required by state law to be in attendance at least 90% of the total school days in each semester to receive credit for the classes in which they are enrolled. Failure to attend at least 90% of the school days may result in loss of credit and cause a student to have to repeat some or all of the courses for that semester/year. If a student is 10 minutes late for class, the student is considered absent. If the student reports to class within the first 10 minutes of class, they are considered tardy. 

    • Excused Absences:
      State law and school guidelines governing attendance require that excused absences pertain to illnesses, medical or legal appointments, funerals of immediate family members, college days and school-sponsored trips. Leaving town for vacation is not an excused absence.