• Q:  What is txConnect?
    A:  txConnect is the name of Ponder ISD's parent portal web site.  This online portal allows parents to have "read only" access to their child's grades and attendance.  Attendance is viewable for students in all grades levels.  Grades are only accessible for students in second grade and above (Pre-K through 1st Grade teachers do not keep computerized gradebooks).

    Q:  How often is the txConnect data updated?
    A:  txConnect provides both attendance and grade information.  Prior to September 2014 txConnect data was only updated once a day in the overnight hours.  However, the current version of txConnect now allows users to see their child's information in an almost "live" status.  The data displayed within the parent portal is current up to the moment a parent logs in to the system.  However, changes made by teachers to an assignment, grade, or absence while the parent is logged in are not viewable until the next time the parent logs out and then logs back in to txConnect.

    Q:  Who is provided access to txConnect?
    A:  To establish an account in txConnect, the user must know a student's unique Parent Portal ID number which is generated by the District's student information system.  The school will only provide this number to the student's parent or guardian as indicated on the official enrollment form completed during the school registration process.

    Q:  How do I obtain my child's Parent Portal ID number?
    A:  Each campus distributes this documentation in mass during registration (Meet the Teacher night at the Elementary School) prior to the start of the school year.  If you were not able to obtain the Parent Portal ID letter during registration, please visit the school office on the campus that your child attends class.  Please note that Parent Portal ID numbers will only be provided in person and that proper legal identification must be provided in addition to completing any required waiver form.

    Q:  What if I forgot my Parent Portal Username?
    A:  If you cannot remember your username, click on the "Forgot your User Name/Password" link on the login page.  Complete the portion under "Forgot User Name" and your txConnect username will be emailed to the email address currently associated with the account. 

    Q:  What if I forgot my Parent Portal Password?
    A:  If you cannot remember your password, click on the "Forgot your User Name/Password" link on the login page.  Under "Forgot Password" you can opt to change your password by either entering your username and successfully answering your security question and then manually changing your password or by having having a new password generated and emailed to the email address currently associated with the account. 

    Q:  What if it states "No Username Found" yet  I am certain I am using the correct username?
    A:  The txConnect system deletes inactive accounts automatically.  An account becomes inactive if the user has not logged in within 120 days.  If this has happened to you, simply recreate you account following the instructions on the Parent Portal ID letter.  You must have the Parent Portal ID for your student to create an account.  Contact your child's school office to obtain this letter.