• All applicants must complete an online employment application. Ponder ISD will not process an application until it is fully completed and submitted online.
    1. Official transcripts are needed at the time of hiring. 
    2. The employee must provide a service record from their prior school in a timely manner for payroll to process. 
    3. In order to expedite the new hire process it is very important to complete the required forms in a timely manner and submit the needed records to central office.   Please allow 5-business days to process new hire paperwork. 

       A. Online Application - view vacancies and/or start application.
    Substitute Paperwok: Please complete and return forms to the HR department  
       A. Substitute Application
       B. Direct Deposit Form 
       C. New Employee Payroll Form
       E. W-4 Form 
       F. TRS-Active Care  Form(*Note-Fill out this form if declining)
    New Hire Paperwork:-please complete ALL new hire paperwork and return to your immediate supervisor.  You can use the individual forms below or use the link provided to the right for a combined file of ALL the links below.  
       A. New Employee Payroll Form  
       B. Criminal History
       C. W-4 Form 
       D. Direct Deposit Form
       F. Employee Handbook Receipt
       G. COBRA overage form 
       H. Ethnicity and Race Data Questionnaire
       J. TRS-Active Care Enrollment Form 
       K. Acceptable Use Policy (Technology)
       L. UIL Form-if Coaching/Extra Curricular Sponsor
       M. Social Security Form 
      A. Certification look up
      B. An educator or an aide must have a TEAL account to start with prior to apply for certification. 
          Please setup a  TEAL account first. 
          1. Process fo Education Aide Certification
          2. Apply for an Educational Aide Certification

    TEAL Account:
       A. How to create a TEAL account

       B. TEAL (TEA Login) gives educators access to their Educator Account online. 
       B. Students must complete the proper form and submit the application to the appropriate campus principal
    For more information, please contact Kent Josselet, (940) 479-8202
       A. Volunteers
       B. Anyone wishing to volunteer at Ponder ISD must complete the Background Check Form and submit the application to the appropriate campus principal.