• Salary Information
    Ponder ISD pays above the state minimum salary schedule for classroom teachers, full-time librarians, and full-time counselors.  Paychecks are distributed on the 15th day of each month beginning in September and are electronically deposited to your checking or savings account. Click here to view the 2019-2020 entire compensation plan
    Medical Insurance
    Ponder ISD is required by state law to participate in the TRS-Active Care medical insurance plan. This plan, administered through Aetna, provides three levels of benefits with varying costs. In an attempt to offset the out of pocket expense of insurance for employees, Ponder ISD has agreed to pay a higher percentage of the monthly premium than is required by the state. If an employee waives the health insurance benefit, they can receive a cash option payment. For the Health Insurance Marketplace Notice, click here (English / Spanish). 

    For all other medical benefits, Ponder ISD uses a third party administrator - Financial Benefit Services, LLC, Benefits at a Glance-(19-20).  FBS enrollment information for 2019-2020 school year:  Flyers Enrollment Portal  

    Flex spending
    is through National Benefits Services, click here to go to their site.   
    Worker's Compensation Insurance
    Plan and procedures- English
    Authorization Forms:  Nova / Sure Point
    TRS Information/Updates for 2019-2020:
       1. New TRS Health App (Aetna) (19-20)
       2. Health Insurance Checklist-guide to selecting the appropriate plan (19-20)
       3. TRS Healthcare-What's New or Updated-(English) or (Spanish) (19-20)
       4. TRS Plan Highlights-(English), (Spanish) (19-20)
       5. Imaging (MRI) Assistance USNI (19-20)
       6. TRS ActiveCare Website
       7. New TRS Premium Rates 19-20
    State and Local Personal Leave
    The State of Texas requires that all employees receive five days of paid personal leave per year which can accumulate and may be transferred to other Texas school districts. In addition to state leave, Ponder ISD provides three local paid personal leave days. Local personal leave days are allowed to accumulate for future years within the District, but are not transferable to other districts. Local personal days must be used prior to state leave. Upon retirement, Ponder ISD will buy back unsed days, see DEC(LOCAL) for more details.
    The District will provide each staff member a free lunch at their campus' cafeteria during the regular school day.
    Returning Incentive
    Employees who remain with the District after their initial year of service receive a returning incentive. This is a lump sum payment for which TRS is not withheld. The amount of payment varies depending upon the role of employment and the number of continuous years of service within the district.

    403(b)/457 plans
    Ponder ISD uses National Benefits Services (NBS) as their third party administrator. In order to establish a NEW 403(b)/457b and begin contributions follow the steps below:
          1. Determine the company you would like to invest with. For a list of approved vendors, Click Here.
          2. Contact the vendor of your choosing directly to obtain and submit all necessary paperwork to open the account. 
          3. Complete a Salary Reduction Agreement  and submit to National Benefit Services via mail or fax.