•                                                    Notice of Regular Meeting

                                                                                         Board of Education

                                                                           Ponder Independent School District

                                                                                              March 7, 2011

                                                                                                   6:30 P.M.



    1.             Call meeting to order / Roll Call

    2.             Opening Ceremony

    3.             Recognize Ponder Elementary & Jr. High Students for UIL Literary District Championships

    4.             Recognize Maintenance Staff for Improvements to Campus

    5.             Public Comment

    6.             Consent Agenda

    A.           Minutes of previous meetings February 17, 2011

    B.            Financial status & Investment Report for district –  February  2011

    C.            Report on utilities.

    D.           Re-cap from Denton Tax Office for February  2011

    E.            Bills for February 2011

    F.            Budget report for February 2011 

    7.             Approve Continued Participation in and Operational Guidelines for the Denton Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

    8.             Discussion of Current Legislation  

    9.             Personnel Considerations; Contracts
                    A.            Athletic Director, Support Services Director, Technology Director

                    B.            Band Director, Coaches, Counselors, Librarians, Teachers

    10.          Administrator’s Reports -Elementary  / Junior High  /  High School   
                  A. Principals

                                    a.  Enrollment

                                    b.   Activities

    B.  Superintendent

                    a.  May Election

                    b.  Candidate Forum

    11.          Adjourn