• Notice of Regular Meeting

    Board of Education

    Ponder Independent School District

    July 21, 2011

    6:30 P.M.



    1.             Call meeting to order / Roll Call

    2.             Opening Ceremony

    3.             Consent Agenda

    A.            Minutes of previous meeting; June 16, 2011

    B.            Financial status of district.

    C.            Report on utilities.

    D.            Re-cap from Denton Tax Office for June 2011.

    E.             Bills for June 2011.

    F.             Budget report for June 2011

    G.            Close Dormant Bank Account

    4.         Public Comment

    5.             Set Adult Cafeteria Prices

    6.             Consider Interlocal Agreement with Denton County Tax Office for Collections

    7.             Consider Approval of 2011-2012 Employee Handbook  -  Summary of changes

    8.            Consider Approval of 2011-2012 Student Handbook - High School  Junior High  /  Elementary

    9.             Consider Personnel

    A.            Resignations

    B.            Employment of Teachers   

    10.           Administrator’s Reports

                    A.            Principal’s Reports  High School  /  Junior High  /  Elementary

                                    a.  Staff Development

                                    b.  Enrollment Projections

                                    c.  Registration Dates                             

                    B.            Superintendent       

                                    a.  Summer Facilities Update

                                    b.  Board Training - - Team of 8 Dates, Legislative Update

    11.           Consider Salary and Compensation for Staff and Administrators - Current Stipends Proposed Stipends

    12.           Budget Workshop

    13.           Adjourn