• Notice of Regular Meeting

    Board of Education

    Ponder Independent School District

    September 23, 2010

      6:30 P.M.




    1.             Call meeting to order / Roll Call

    2.             Opening Ceremony

    3.             Consent Agenda

    A.            Minutes of previous meetings and hearings –  August 26, 2010.
    B.            Financial status of district – August  2010.

    C.            Report on utilities.

    D.            Re-cap from Denton Tax Office for August  2010.

    E.             Bills for August 2010.

    F.             Budget report for August 2010.

    4.         Public Comment

    5.             First Reading of TASB Policy Update 88
    6.             Consider Resolution Sanctioning the Denton County 4-H as an approved extracurricular activity sponsor.

    7.             Consider Approval of the Adjunct Faculty Agreement with the Denton County Extension Service

    8.             Consider Approval of Memorandum of Understanding with Denton County for JJAEP Services

    9.             Administrator’s Report

                    A.            Principal’s Reports  -  Elementary   /   Junior High   /   High School

                                    a.  Enrollment

                                    b.  Activities

                    B.            Superintendent

                                    a.  Fall Festival

                                    b.  Board Training

    10.           Consider Resignation

    11.          Adjourn meeting