•                                                      Notice of Regular Meeting

                                                                                         Board of Education

                                                                           Ponder Independent School District

                                                                                          December 16, 2010

                                                                                                   6:30 P.M.



    1.             Call meeting to order / Roll Call

    2.             Opening Ceremony

    3.             Consent Agenda

    A.            Approve minutes of previous meeting November 18, 2010.

    B.            Financial status & Investment Report for district – November  2010.

    C.            Report on utilities.

    D.           Re-cap from Denton Tax Office for November  2010.

    E.            Bills for November 2010.

    F.            Budget report for November 2010.

    4.             Public Comment

    5              Receive and Consider Approval of Financial Audit for the Fiscal year ending August 31, 2010 as presented

                    by representatives of Hankins, Eastup, Deaton, Tonn & Seay CPA

    6.             Hear Presentation concerning Communication Audit from Kristen Escovedo       

    7.            Announce Board Training Hours Accumulated during 2010 & Disseminate Framework for Governance Leadership

    8.             Principal’s Reports Elementary  /  Junior High  /  High School               
                    A.            Activities

                    B.            Enrollment

    9.             Review Superintendent’s Evaluation Instrument and Process

    10.           Adjourn