• Support Services & Transportation

    Welcome to the Ponder ISD support services department, which oversees the transportation of approximately 750 students within the District. The mission of the transportation department is to provide your child with safe, clean, and efficient transportation to and from school, each and every day. To view the Bus Rider's Safety Handbook, click here.
    Should you have questions or cause for concern, the Support Services Coordinator/ Transportation Director is Mr. Patrick McLarty. He can be reached by phone at 940-479-8281 or by email at pmclarty@ponderisd.net.
    Looking to make some extra money and have the same days off as your kids.  Think about driving a bus!  Call Patrick McLarty if your interested. (940)479-8281
    Students living in Remington Park are assigned to the follwing bus routes.
    Circle Route (bus 10) 
    All adresess on Canterbury, Hawthorne Court & Bay Meadows
    Stops will be along Canterbury at all four corners, Oaklawn, Hawthorne, Bay Meadows and Saratoga
    Gold Route (bus 12)
    All addresses on Gulf Stream, Calder, Pimilico and Meadowlands
    Stops will be along Meadowlands at the sales office, and corners of Gulf Stream, Calder, Keenland, Saratoga.
    All addresses on Saratoga, Jockey, Stalion, Arabian and Clydesdale. 
    Stops will be along Saratoga at the corner of Jockey, Clydesdale and Stalion. 
    All addresses on Citation and Chestnut
    Stop will be along Citation at the corner and corner of Chestnut
    Yellow Route (bus 11)
    All addresses on Bailey, Freddrick, Doyle , James and Eddie
    All addresses on Lonestar
    Stop at corner of Lonestar and Churchill Downs 
    All addresses on Del Mar 
    Stops at Oaklawn and Del Mar, the Light Pole and Lonestar and Del Mar
    All Addresses on Preakness, Triple Crown and Fair Grounds and Turway
    Stops at the corners of Preakness and Saratoga, Preakness and Oaklawn, Triple Crown and Saratoga, Triple Crown and Oaklawn, Fair Grounds and Turway and Fair Grounds and Oaklawn