Free Meals for All Students

Meal Icon Free Meals Now Available for All Students

The United States Department of Agriculture has approved a waiver for all Ponder ISD students to receive breakfast and lunch meals at NO COST beginning today (11/2/2020) through through the last day of school (5/27/2021). This waiver is due to COVID-19 and will be in effect as long as funding is available by the USDA. If the waiver is cancelled, all student accounts will return to their current eligibility status immediately.

In-person learners will use the cafeteria in the same manner to receive their meals at no cost. Virtual learners and non-student household siblings under 18 yrs. of age may participate in curbside pickup to receive free meals. This service must be pre-ordered via this Google Form to guarantee meal coverage.

**Please note that this only applies to regular student meals, as any a la carte items – including second meals, extra side items, snacks and beverages – will keep their regular costs.

Any current funds on lunch accounts will remain untouched and available for use in the future. If a student has money in their account, they will be allowed to purchase a la carte items, unless not permitted by parent/guardian.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeannie DeLange by phone at 940-479-8308 or