Registration Update

2021-2022 Registration Update

New & returning student registration is open.  Please note that you may see your student's previous school year information on some documents- this is okay! It will all update in August. There are documents where you will have to fill out your student's information.  On those documents, please put the upcoming school year (21-22) information for your student.
Please do not submit your registration paperwork until you have uploaded proof of residency for your student (proof of residency is required for ALL students). This includes any utility bill- water, electric, trash, mortgage statement, etc.  A phone bill is NOT permitted. If your student has received updated vaccinations, please upload an updated immunization form as well.

If you are more comfortable (or if it's easier) bringing in a physical copy or emailing your proof of residency and/or an updated immunization record (if applicable), you are welcome to send to your student's campus front office. If emailing, send to:


If you have any questions, please contact your student's campus front office.