January 11, 2019

Posted by Bruce Yeager on 1/11/2019 3:45:00 PM

January 11, 2019



News & Notes from Ponder ISD


The Spring Semester is off to a great start!  There are many exciting things happening on every campus.  As most of you are aware we are experiencing record enrollment numbers this year.  We begin this semester with 1542 students district wide.  That number is up from 1342 at the same time two years ago.  While there has been increased student population on all three campuses the elementary campus is certainly feeling it the most at this time.  In fact the elementary is approaching instructional capacity.  In order to prepare for the possibility of additional student growth next year we are preparing to move four of our District owned portable classroom buildings to the parking area adjacent to the northeast corner of the elementary gymnasium.  The shared areas of the building such as the cafeteria, gymnasium, office, restrooms and library can handle the student load that the eight classrooms in these portable buildings will accommodate. We believe that keeping our campus structure consistent and our Pre K- 5 students on the elementary campus, albeit through the addition of portable classrooms, is the best instructional option for the near future.  The District is committed to providing a safe and constructive learning environment for all students.  I plan to continue posting these “News & Notes” pieces periodically as we are entering a time of growth and change so I will only briefly write about long term facilities plans in this note and save greater detail for a later time.  In overview, for over a decade the plan has been for the next facility built to be a High School building.  The District already has the land for such a facility directly west and northwest of the football stadium.  At this time the plan would be for the Jr. High to move to the current High School building and the current Jr. High building would become an Intermediate campus.  This is a very general overview and very flexible.  We will be asking for input, ideas and assistance with this process from parents, community members and tax payers over the next few months.  


I know folks are curious and have questions.  I will attempt to periodically provide information that will provide assurance and answers. 


Thanks to all for your support of our children and Ponder ISD!


Bruce Yeager


Ponder ISD