Campus eLearning Plans

Elementary School eLearning Plan

View video from Janell Wilbanks regarding the campus eLearning plan during current school closure as well as device and packet distribution planned for Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

Junior High School and High School eLearning Plans

View video from Shawn Simmons regarding the campus eLearning plan during the current school closure.

6th - 12th grade students will utilize their Chromebooks to access Google Classroom for a daily message and instructional items for the following classes:

  • Monday/Wednesday:
    Language Arts & Social Studies

  • Tuesday/Thursday:
    Math & Science

  • Friday:
    Language Arts - Reading program / extension activities

Please visit Teacher Pages on the PJH website and PHS website to access teacher contact information. Information will also be posted for accessing Google Classroom for those that need it.

Contact information for the School Principal, Assitant Principal, and Counselor can be found on the School Info area of the PJH website and PHS website.

Students are encouraged to email their teacher for content related questions. Our staff is "on call" during the day as they work from home and attend the needs of their families.  

A Call Center is in place during the hours of 8AM-2PM Monday-Friday to field calls regarding logistical and technical difficulties for issues related to Chromebooks, chargers, blocked sites, etc. The PJH Call Center is 940-479-8252 and the PHS Call Center is 940-479-8251. The Call Centers will also be reaching out to students/parents to check-in on student progress.